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Medieval Letter Sealer

I just finished a project I began as a side project to a bigger one. I was making a present to a friend, and part of the present involved a letter that I wanted to look old. I made it with thin typing paper that we'd got from our Great Grandparents, and printed it using a custom font I'd made, but it was still missing something.

Anyways, I decided to make a wax seal for it. I ended up going to the local thrift store, buying 2 red candles and a green candle, plus some rubber stamps, for just under 2$. The candles supplied the wax, and the rubber stamps were the seals. However, after I'd made the letter and sealed it, I decided to make a custom stamp for fun. My sister had some air-dry clay that she let me use, so I made a rough circle and went to work. Using a colored pencil (Because it had a blunt tip, about 1.5mm across), I poked a simple design for a weeping willow. The lines ended up being slightly purple, because that was the color of the pencil I used.
The end of the f…

First Post

Since this is my first post on this blog, I think I'll start by telling a bit about myself, and saying what I'll be posting on here.

 I'm a 16 (17 now) year old in The Dalles, OR. I'm homeschooled/Unschooled (interest led learning), and so I've got lots of time on my hands. What do I do with that time? I don't play video games, well, not all the time. I do play Minecraft, on a server I own for me and my friends. On other days, I do lots of things. I construct and program arduino projects, research obsolete tech on the web, fix computers, phones, tablets, and general electronics, take things apart, read books, and make things I think are cool. I love thinking about making robots, and wish I had the capital to actually build a decent one. I'm in an FTC robotics team. I like almost anything that's old, especially if it's some sort of technology. My ideal first car would be a VW Bug (The old ones, not the new 'beetles'). I've got an instr…
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